mutayte (mutayte) wrote in marsxcollapse,

 Lately, there has been a supreme slump in posting.
With things being busy in everyone's lives and my own trip coming up
[info]marsxcollapse will be going on an indefinite hiatus.

The comm will stay open to new members that want to look around and from now on,
Makers can post whenever they see fit, no more deadlines or restrictions.
I will run the comm from a distance, but it is no longer a large concern to check everyday.

If anyone would like posting access to share their graphics, please comment here and I will see to it that you have it.
Only rule for posting is that: All posts will still be pre-approved by me, so I can make sure that we keep the community as kid friendly as possible. If you have thing R-rated to post, label it as such and put everything under a cut.

It was a pleasure having the community open and hopefully in the future, there will be a chance to revive it!

♥ Ash
Tags: !mod post

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